The foudation of our curriculum is based on the Apparatus Oriented, project based, concept related,and compact of VAK (visual,audio and kinesthetic) process of learning.

Materials and activities are selected based on their potential for open-ended exploration.

We donot have a predetermined set of curriculum goals that we present at scheduled intervals throughout the school years.Rather we work with individual children,responding to them as they demonstrate readiness .We see children as active meaning-makers who learn best through direct interaction,exploration,investigation and play.

We follow creative curriculum with a modified Montessori approach to learning.

Our teachers are all able to teach all the classes and we assume that children will stay with them for one complete year. Being with the same teachers and classmates provides consistency and strengthens the sense of community in each class.

However after completing the first year the child going to the next class and continue the journey with another one.

In playgroup we have 15 children 1 facilitator, 1 helping Asst.

In Nursery it will 20 children 1 facilitator.

In upper classes 30 children 1 facilitator.

All our teachers having masters degree holder. They are pre-school trained from well recognized institutes.Each staff members also undergoes and extensive background check and prior first aid training.Lastly they are such humble and kind that children love them as their second mother.

We typically determine the placement of your child based on age, however , we consider many other factors upon deciding the make up of a classroom. Such factors would include boy girl ratio, different personalities, age, readiness, social emotional development etc.

The notifications will send every parents by note down in Almanac of whole weak programme in Friday. Other information are send by massage in case of the absent of a child.

Discipline is a process of learning self -control,respect for othersand responsibility. Positive method of discipline will be practiced at all times so children are aware of an accceptable code of conduct at school.

Efforts to help students understand behaviour that are allowed ,accepted and encouraged (including individual charts ,plans ,and contracts) will be used.

For any on going issues, teachers will communicate with parents so that school and home will working with a child’s best interest in mind.
To help children learn to manage their actions and feelings ,teachers will model sharing,waiting,taking turns ,solving problems ,controlling impulses and expressing ideas through works.

It is our goal to keep each child with food allergy safe and to honour identified food restrictions to best of our ability.The teachers will post all food allergies in the ckassroom in clear view along with the child’s photo. Parents must submit written documentation with specific guidelines for addressing each special type of dietry need and food allergy.

The toys and class ..are sanitized on a daily basis.Coordinator follow detailed checklist and sign off upon cleaning schedule. Toys and surface area sanitized by the water and sanitizer sollution. Our house keeper are maintain school appearence and cleanliness.

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Current Updates

Observation Notice

We will be conducting our "FIRST OBSERVATION SEMESTER" tentatively in the middle of September. Follow us for our next notification.

Celebrations of the Month

Month of July: 1. Rath Yatra Celebration

Activities of the Upcoming Months

* Family Tree * Butterfly Making